MORAKNIV Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition 130周年紀念刀 限量版 13949

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此商品可以折抵紅利 30

Morakniv 今年邁入 130 週年,也正好是我們的傳奇刀款 Mora 2000 的三十週年,
獨特的 Mora 2000 紀念刀會是收藏家們的不二首選,當這把刀於 1991 年推出時,
它就被賦予了定義未來的名稱 Mora2000。三十年過去了,
30 週年紀念版是想對原創刀致敬的復刻款式,僅會在 2021 年生產。

  • 全新的 Mora 2000(S)週年紀念版刀款,限定的黑色版本,握柄有止滑好握取的手感。
  • 由 Mora 的獨家配方製成 2.5 mm 厚的拋光刀片,以最高品質的瑞典不銹鋼製成,經過特殊的熱處理及硬化,打造出無與倫比的性能,。
  • 紀念版的刀片上刻有 1891-2021 字樣,喚起 1891 年至 2021 年 Morakniv 的歲月記憶。
  • 刀背經過拋光處理,不具有打火功能。
  • 聚合物製成的握柄不會傳導冰冷手感,一年 365 天中隨時都能安全和舒適地使用刀具。
  • 黑色聚合物製成的護套帶有一條黑色皮革帶,方便將刀具配戴於皮帶或背囊上。
  • 瑞典鋼材,瑞典製造。

The Morakniv 130-year Anniversary also marks the 30-year jubilee of the legendary Mora 2000. This characteristic new knife is a true collector’s item. When the knife was launched back in 1991, it was given the futuristic name Mora 2000. Thirty years have now passed and the Anniversary Edition is a tribute to the original knife. The Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition will only be produced during 2021.

The new Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition has a limited black colour to the optimal friction grip handle. The 2.5 mm thick polished blade is made of Swedish stainless steel of the highest quality, hardened and treated in our factory in Mora, according to a secret company recipe. The blade of this special edition is marked with an engraving, dating the years of Morakniv 1891 – 2021. The Scandi grind profile makes it easy to keep sharp, while the blade also has a profile grind for increased precision. Just as the original Mora 2000 the spine is rounded. Also, the polymer handle doesn’t conduct cold, which means that working with the knife is equally safe and comfortable any time of year. The sheath made in black polymer has an adaptable black leather strap so the knife is always close at hand on your belt or rucksack. This knife is a must for the outdoor enthusiast ‘s next adventure.

Made in Sweden, refined from our iconic past.



Usage Area

Knife Type

Knife Series

Steel Type

Blade Shape

Blade Length

109 mm

Blade Thickness

Fire Steel Compatible


Serrated Edge


Serrated Spine


Blunt Tip


Flex Grade

Edge Protection

Sheath Orientation

Left, Right



Knife Length

224 mm

Handle Material


Fit for Children




Total Length

253 mm

Net Weight

138,0 g


  • 重量    138 g
  • 材質    刀刃:不銹鋼,刀柄:TPE 橡膠
  • 尺寸    總長度 224 mm / 刀刃:厚度 2.5 mm、長度 109 mm
  • 產地    瑞典
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